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  • Fabric belt conveyor with workstaions developed for pharmaceutical vial inspection and sorting. The conveyor is constructed from 300 series stainless steel and designed for clean-room applications. The unit features ergonomic workshelves and footrests, individual workstaion fluorescent lighting with 110 VAC outlets, variable speed operation, and adjustable lane dividers.

  • A 70" wide x 100 ft. long cooling tunnel for frosted cereal biscuit line. This system also included mono-layering & frosting units.
  • A six conveyor boning, trimming & portion control line. Lower conveyors carry away trimmings dropped thru holes in cutting boards.
  • This conveyor has a retracting discharge end and is typically used at a right angle to freezer or oven feed conveyors.
  • This unit, for in-line cleaning of bread pans, uses various brushes, air knives and vacuum, then sprays a liquid release agent.
  • A seven tiered cascading cooling conveyor for caramel coated popped corn. Top level includes rollers for product leveling.
  • Series 810 cleated plastic belt conveyor to transport shrimp through a water glaze bath prior to freezing.
  • Two 12" belts x 80 ft. long conveyor for assembly of surgical products kits. Work shelves are movable and can be placed at 90 deg.
  • A system with barrel lift, large hopper with vibratory feeder and cleated belt conveyor for product transfer to packaging machine.
  • Small bottles of hair care products are unscrambled into a single lane for marking and then accumulated on second rotary table.
  • A dough transfer & flattening conveyor. Dough received from mixer is flattened between two belts to desired ribbon thickness.
  • A combination cleated plastic belt conveyor and rotary turn table to carry bags from bagging machine to case filling stations.
  • Stainless wire rod belt conveyor with rinse & dry chambers and work shelves for handling drug solution pouches.
  • Straight running table top chain conveyor for transferring bottles on a filling line.
  • A 39" wide, molded plastic belt conveyor with 1/2" dia. nose transfer wire belts at both ends for small products transfer.
  • Table top chain conveyor with stainless top plates for transfer of 1/2 gallon ice cream containers.
  • A small pitch (0.6") plastic belt conveyor with 1" dia. nose rolls at both ends for transfer of small products or cans.
  • Combination straight & turn wire belt conveyor, using rod type belt with mesh overlay in a snack food application.
  • Interwoven loop type wire belt conveyor with work shelves for preparing serving trays of Hors D'oeuvres & loading into freezer.
  • A short wire belt transfer section with nose bars at both ends. Slave driven and used for transferring small products between two conveyors.
  • A multi-section, cascading wire belt conveyor with blowers & air knives for dewatering fish prior to packaging
  • A flat wire belt (1/2x1 mesh) conveyor on casters, for transfer of various snack foods.
  • This three level walking beam conveyor is used for portion control of premium meat cuts. Product is carried in plastic tote pans.
  • Approx. 17 ft. dia., multi-level rotary turn table pack-off system for packaging sausage links into cases.
  • Strands of extruded snack food are guided on to this unit via grooved roller, cut to length and then lowered into fryer/cooker.
Returned 30 Results
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