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Flat Wire Belt Conveyor

These conveyors can withstand very high or low product temperatures, allow maximum airflow around the product, and can be easily rinsed through and sanitized. The belts are made from stainless steel. Typical belt styles include interwoven loops, flat wire, straight rods (with or without overlay), and balanced weave. These conveyors are positively sprocket-driven, using stainless steel or molded urethane sprockets.

Features and Benefits:

More Sanitary-

  • Standoffs on legs with angled end-caps
  • "Tool-free" removable side rails
  • 304 or 316 stainless frames, polished to a No. 4 finish
  • Continuous TIG welds-- ground & polished

    Better Functionality-
  • Stainless steel bearing housings with non-re-lube inserts
  • 2-inch square tubing supports
  • 12-gauge formed frames (standard)